About the project

Convalt Energy, a US based renewable energy company and operator started the development of this 250 MW AC Solar Power Project in Province of Attapeu, southern Lao P.D.R in South East Asia in 2016 which is in the final stages of development.

Convalt Energy alongside DigiCollect LLC has performed and completed the First Basic Site Survey of the Attapeu Project site. The Site Survey shows promising characteristics for the success of the proposed Solar Power Project and provides a basic foundation for the Full Feasibility Study which has been completed. This Site Survey Report will be distributed to potential EPC Contractors ahead of time in order to fast-track the coming Tendering Process for the construction of the project.

Project Inception Reports and the Quarterly Report as part of relating Feasibility Study for this project was first submitted the to the Government of Lao PDR Monday on the 26 of January 2018. Both Reports were submitted in 5 Copies Lao Language and 5 Copies English Language as well as 1 Soft Copy as per Government of Lao PDR request.

DigiCollect LLC performed the first detailed Feasibility Study draft for the 250MW Solar Attapeu Project. Feasibility Study Issue No.3 was submitted in mid-November of 2018, 4 months ahead of pre-agreed schedule and has received Interim Approval.

Convalt Energy is currently in the process of implementing the Project Development Agreement and drafting the Concession Agreement prior to the negotiation of the Power Purchase Agreement with Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

draft_feasibility_report quarterly_report
progress_report letter_of_approval

Project Overview


Lao Solar Power Project

Power Off-taker: Vietnam Electricity Group ('EVN')

Location: Attapue Province, Lao P.D.R

Attapue Surface Area: 850 Acres

Commercial Operation Date: Q4, 2024

Value: $240 million USD

Financial Advisor: ACO Investment Group

Legal Advisor: Freshfields (Singapore)

Technical Advisor: Convalt Energy

Lenders Legal Advisor: TBD

Lenders Engineer: TBD

Lead Debt Arranger: Mizuho Bank

Master EPC: Convalt Energy

Project Status

List of Approvals Agencies Status Date
1 MOU MPI Signed August 31 2017
2 TOR and Scoping Report MONRE Completed August 31 2017
3 Feasibility Certificates DEPP, MEM Approved December 26 2017
4 Environmental Compliance Certificate (upon approval
of ESIAs, including EMMP)
MONRE Completed December 13 2018
5 MOU Extension MPI Completed
6 Project Development Agreement (PDA) MPI, DEB Approved, Pending Signing
7 Share holder agreement Completed
8 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Pending
9 Tariff Agreement Pending
10 Water Use Permit (The revised water law requires this
but not sure if it is being enforced)
MONRE Not Applicable
11 Concession Agreement (CA) MPI Pending
12 Investment license (issued after signing of the CA) MPI Pending

Why Solar Power?

Global Interest

This project has global interest given that it's the first major utility-scale Solar Power Plant in Myanmar.


Practical Installation

By selecting the best and most responsible EPC's, this project will have minimal impacts on nature.


Healthy Environment

This project will help reduce negative impact on the environment which otherwise can become costly.


Long Term

This project has an estimated lifespan of 30 years.


Multiple Benefits

By providing much needed electricity, this project will enhance economic growth in the country.


Efficient Energy

By utilizing Top Tier technology providers, Convalt Energy can ensure that the energy is utilized efficiently.

Convalt Energy (Head Quarters)


1185 Avenue of the Americas, 3rd Floor New York,
NY 10036 USA

Convalt Energy Lao Co., LTD.


No. 588, Unit: 27, Thongkang Village, Sisattanak District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR


If you have any questions regarding the Lao Solar Project or Convalt Energy, please email to info@convalt.com